Token Symbol Sapien
Estimated value N/A
Expiry date 27 Jan, 2019
Published date January 10, 2019

Token Overview

We decided to support all the participants of Sapien project and start first airdrop with a prize fund 100,000,000 Electrums!

All the participants who will sign up for the contest before Sapien IOS and Android Apps will arrive are getting additional 2,500 Electrums to their wallets!

How tokens are calculated: 100,000,000 tokens we divide the total number of entries that all participants earned and we actually get how many entries in one token. Then on this indicator we multiply the number of your personal entries and find out the number of tokens you should get for this airdrop.


TOP-100 participants (by the amount of entries) will get bonus 25,000 Electrum everyone.


Token Requirement

Quickly sign up to sapien airdrop before the expiry date.Click on the project website to the job!

Kindly ensure you visit coderstech facebook page, twitter, telegram group and channel. Thanks!


End in: 27 Jan, 2019

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